Our Staff

DeeDee McIntyre – Gym Owner

DeeDee has been a successful commercial and government guaranteed lender for 25 years in the local business community.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Piedmont College in 2002 and an MBA from Clayton State University in 2008.  DeeDee is married to Shane McIntyre, owner of Metro Horizontal Boring in McDonough, Georgia.  Shane and DeeDee have been married for 11 years and have four children:  Cory, Conner, Austin and Lindsey.  Lindsey’s love for competition cheerleading started at the early age of 5, and LOA has been her home away from home for the last 4 seasons.  DeeDee accepted Legion of All-Star’s baton from its previous owner, Gina Nicholas, as it enters its 10th season in business and Lindsey’s 7th season in competition cheer.  DeeDee’s mission is to lead a team of coaches to bring out the champion in every athlete they train, on and off the mat.  For the 2016/2017 season, Legion of All-Stars competition cheerleading teams made history earning 15 national and division championships.  Three of its teams traveled to The D2 Summit in Orlando, Florida in May 2017 and the Youth 2 team, White Frost, was coined #1 in Georgia and #7 in the nation!

DeeDee has a strong desire to carry on the Legion of All-Stars legacy for the next generation of champions.  She is equally committed to the recreation gymnastics and tumbling programs to meet the need of the local and surrounding communities.   Shane and Deedee recently purchased 2 acres of land in Griffin, Georgia along busy Hwy 19/41 to build a state-of-the-art cheerleading, tumbling and gymnastics gymnasium.  The building is currently in the design / architectural phase.  Contact DeeDee directly by e-mail at deedee.legion@gmail.com.


Esther Foster – All-Star Director and Tumbling Coach

Esther ‘All-Star’ Foster joined Legion of All-Stars in 2015 as an all-star cheer and tumbling coach.  Her leadership and strong desire to develop an athlete-focused, winning all-star program through dedication, discipline, teamwork and trust quickly earned her the all-star director position.  Esther has a true love for the sport and her champions; she led the teams to 15 national and division championships for the 2016/2017 season.  Esther began her cheerleading career originally from her home in the United Kingdom and now lives in the local community along with her pup, Atlanta.


Candise O’Kelley – All-Star Cheer Coach and Tumbling Coach

Candise O’Kelley joined Legion of All-Stars in 2008 as a beginners gymnastics coach.  Candise is married to Brandon O’Kelley of 17 years, and they have two daughters who love cheer, Alissa and Addison.  Candise’s passion for competition cheerleading began 10 years ago when her oldest daughter, who is now a level 5 cheerleader, took interest in the sport.  Candise researched and trained to join the competitive cheerleading coaching staff and was instrumental in making LOA history for the 2016/2017 season.


Haley McLean – Cadets All-Star Cheerleaders in Training & Tumbling Coach

Taylor Coursey – All-Star Cheer & Tumbling Coach

Jasmine Bohannon – Gymnastics Coach

Mayah Lowry – Gymnastics Coach