Allstar Cheerleading

Legion of Allstars prides itself in its professional, experienced, and certified staff and in offering the most progressive training program in the Southeast. LOA’s Allstar coaching staff includes former Allstar cheerleaders who remain on top of the latest training techniques.

Athletes who carry the “Allstar” title are committed to being or becoming the best that they have ever been, inside and outside of the gym. Allstars take training and commitment to the team and themselves to heart.

Each practice and event throughout LOA’s Allstar cheerleading season helps instill the value and importance of hard work, respect, responsibility, honor, loyalty, commitment, pride, passion, trust, team, and family. Each Allstar season is full of experiences that demonstrate the requirements to be an athlete and a champion.

  • LOA’s Allstar teams practice twice a week. Practices range between two and three hours, depending on the age group
  • LOA’s Allstar teams participate in five to seven competitions per season
  • To allow LOA’s staff to build a strong foundation for each team, attendance at all practices is required of Allstars
  • Allstars are help to a higher standard than non-Allstar athletes