Tumbling Classes & Fees

Tumbling Classes & Fees

Tumbling – Level One

This class is for athletes that are new to tumbling with no experience. This is a starter class to build and make tumbling basics strong. Athletes will work on forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round off rebounds and begin to work on back handsprings. No class requirements. $60.00/month

Tumbling – Level Two

This class is for students who have mastered all the skills in level 1 and have a standing back handspring by themselves. In level 2, athletes will continue to perfect their standing back handspring and work on round-off back handspring with high re-bound, front walkovers, front handsprings, back handspring series and begin to learn a back tuck. Class requirements: standing back handspring with strong technique. $60.00/month

Tumbling – Level Three

This class is for athletes who have mastered the skills in level 1 and 2. Athletes will be working on standing tumbling skills such as toe touch back handsprings, series back handsprings to a tuck and standing tucks. Athletes will work on round-off back tucks and round-off back handspring back tucks. A layout and punch front will be the new skills introduced in level 3. Class requirements: Round-off tuck $60.00 /month

Tumbling – Level Four

This class is for athletes who have mastered all skills in level 1, 2 and 3. Athletes will be perfecting their standing back tuck, standing back handspring back tuck, and toe touch back tuck. The athletes round-off back handspring layout should be strong once in level 4. A full will be introduced and learned by athletes in a level 4 tumbling class. Class requirements: Standing tuck and round-off back handspring layout. $60.00/month

Tumbling – Level Five

This is our most advanced class. Athletes in this class will have mastered levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. Athletes in class will have mastered a full before entering this class. Athletes will work on elite passes such as a double full and combination passes. Athletes will also work elite standing tumbling such as a standing full and series back handsprings to a full/double. Class requirements: Round-off back handspring full and triple toe touch to a standing tuck. $60.00 /month